Friday, February 5, 2010

Moderation != Deprivation

Moderation is not the same thing as deprivation. I JUST figured this out, and am still struggling with it occasionally.

In previous attempts at weight loss, I deprived myself of many things I liked, demonizing them as "bad foods" that were "off limits." I also ate very little at times. While I did learn that I liked many new and healthier things, eventually the cravings would drive me bonkers and I'd go on a bit of a binge. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I'd think, "Moderation is HARD!" without realizing that it wasn't moderation at all.

I've only just realized that I don't need to take an all or nothing approach to losing weight and being healthy... because, for me, that's NOT healthy! It's okay to have a cappuccino with full fat milk or even a biscuit or two, just as long as I don't have them everyday (or several times in a day). I find a lot of comfort and relief in that. Having a treat now and again is not a failure... it's enjoying my life!

I may lose weight more slowly this way, but I think I'll have a better chance of keeping it off this time.


  1. Absolutely, and I'm glad you've found a path that really WORKS for you. I've never found the demonization of any foods to be particularly healthy for me, because all it does is make me feel shameful and bad about enjoying them once in a while, which was completely counterproductive to any kind of healthy eating regime because I'd get into cycles of "well if I'm already being bad..." and having issues of self-worth and it'd all go downhill from there. Quickly.

    So in short, hooray! Have a biscuit for me. A CHOCOLATE biscuit. ;)


    No chocolate biscuit yet though... the Chocolate Ban is more for detox than labeling it a bad food. But we WILL be picking up a little something nice and dark from Hotel Chocolat (look up the website and covet, seriously) when the ban ends on my birthday.

    New chocolate rule I have stolen from Shauna over at dietgirl: Quality over Quantity. :)

  3. Quality over quantity, indeed!

    I've been cooking a lot at home and making my own stuff with healthier recipes... I really dig the stuff in the "Cook Yourself Thin" series. Relatively easy stuff with really good things for you.

    My fave recipe was the Spinach & Mushroom Quiche with Yukon Gold Potato Crust.. only 220 cal a slice! :D

    Have you noticed cooking your won food also leaves you less hungry? :)