Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling a bit 'meh.'

Yesterday was my birthday, and the end of the chocolate ban. I enjoyed a couple of small pieces of chocolate, as well as Cake-in-five-minutes*, because birthdays need cake. I didn't go hog wild and down several bars of chocolate on my own. So in that sense, it was a bit of a triumph. I did happen to drink a little over half of a bottle of wine on my own during the course of the evening, though. Oops!

Today, though, was my weigh in at the medical centre. It was less than inspiring. According to that scale, I'm just a half a kilo down from two weeks ago. Granted, this is in the afternoon, with clothes on, but it's still discouraging. I suppose, though, that it should be.

I'm doing really well with my weight lifting program, but I'm not getting in near enough cardio. And though I am eating generally healthy things, I'm still eating too much. I really should switch to Splenda in my coffee, or at least cut down on the sugar I use. I need to up my water intake. I used to be really good about drinking loads of water every day, but lately I'm lucky if I manage to get two or three pint glasses down.

What it all comes down to is that I need to step up my game. I'm trying not to beat myself up over this, because it's not worth it. "Trying" being the operative word. I'll still have my official stat update weigh in on Friday morning, so we'll see how I do then. If I have a gain (which I'm pretty much expecting), then so be it. I'll work harder.

* * *

On the good side of things, I have a job interview tomorrow for a part time manager position at a nearby charity shop. I have good feelings about it. If I get it, I'll be able to afford to join the gym down the road. That would completely solve my lack of cardio problem... I'm one of those weird people that LOVES zoning out on an elliptical machine (or a stationary bike) with a good audio book (David Sedaris books have been some of the best gym companions I've ever had) and really pushing myself with the interval training programs. Not to mention the fact that because ellipticals are low impact, I can go on for ages without my arthritic left knee flaring up (unlike with running).

That job will also get me out of the house more, and I'll meet a hell of a lot more people, which I could really use for my sanity. Cross your fingers for me!

* * *

In the meantime though, I need to get some more exercise video goodness happening. I have the New York City Ballet Workout (volumes one and two) and that should be okay once a week or so, but I'd like some others for some variety. Maybe I can take up Tae Bo again. I've tried Pump It Up from Ministry of Sound, but it's a bit advanced for me at the moment and the movements are a bit too quick. Does anyone else have recommendations?

*I'll post the modified recipe I use, as well as a link back to the original, at some point in the next couple of days.

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