Monday, May 17, 2010

Wii! And more!

It's been nearly a month since I last updated. I'm finding that now that I don't have my full day to dedicate to twitter and blogger, I often forget to post! There hasn't been too much news here, but here's what I have:

I finally bought a Wii, along with Wii Fit Plus and a couple of other games. I'm absolutely loving it! I've been trying to do between 20 and 45 minutes every day on Wii Fit, and I've lost about 2 pounds or so over the last week. I'll start up my official weigh ins again next week. (This past weekend we were at a house warming party and stayed the night, and this upcoming weekend we'll be in Glasgow for a wedding, volcanic ash permitting.)

What really works for me is both the variety of activities as well as the competition aspect. When working through individual activities, you can compare your score with scores you achieved in the past, as well as the scores of the other people using Wii Fit on your system (like my husband). I've also made a general rule for myself that unless it's a game that uses conventional controls, I must stand in order to play it and move the way one is intended (rather than sitting on the couch waggling the Wii-mote).

I've also started using the stairs at work whenever I head up to the canteen to get coffee or a diet soda. This is generally two to three times a day. I began doing that on Tuesday last week and have only taken the elevator up (but not down) a few times since: all on Wednesday, as my arthritic knee was acting up and I didn't want to stress it more than I had to.

All in all, I've been doing pretty well lately, considering I sit on my butt at a desk all day at work.

In terms of food, it's been about the same. There are occasional forays into junk (pizza now and then, that sort of thing), but for the most part we've been eating good food. I do still usually have a bit of chocolate most days, but it's a few squares as opposed to a whole bar.

Jo commented suggesting I try growing my own spaghetti squash a few posts back... I might look into it after this weekend. Because spaghetti squash is awesome.

Also: The Race for Life 5k is fast approaching! If you'd like to sponsor me, pleas click the button on the sidebar. It's for the great cause of Cancer Research UK.

That's about it for today. I'll either report back this weekend (if the ash from the volcano in Iceland prevents us from making it to the wedding... fingers crossed this doesn't happen), but more likely it will be on the weekend after. See you all then!

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