Friday, March 5, 2010

Stat (non)Update and Dragon Fruit

First off, check out the spiffy new title graphic! Yay!

Stats aren't being updated this week because I weighed in at the same number this week. I was a bit worried about it, so I'm actually glad I didn't gain. More exercise (that won't flare up my arthritic knee) and less food next week.

*   *   *
I finally got around to cutting open one of the dragon fruit we bought during our last online shop. I got them on a whim, as they were on sale and I'd never had one before. I'd had dragon fruit flavored drinks before, like Vitamin Water and Snapple Elements (from years ago, that... anyone remember them?) but I'd never even seen the actual fruit before. I actually had to google how to eat it. You cut it in half and scoop it out, like an avocado.

So I did just that. I've got to say... It didn't taste how I was expecting it to. I'm not even sure what that expectation was, really. What I got was an odd fleshy fruit that was mostly water, and was oddly savory in addition to being a bit sweet. It made me think of some weird hybrid between a watermelon and a tomato. I'm not sure if I actually liked the taste of it, but I didn't automatically reject it either. It's something I could see myself acquiring a taste for, though, especially since the texture was quite pleasing. I am a complete nut for texture when it comes to food (as mentioned in a previous post regarding porridge).

It was kind of nice to have a bit of a food adventure, though, as I haven't really had one in a while. I love trying new things. How else would I have learned that I love spaghetti squash? Speaking of, if anyone knows where to get one in the UK, please please PLEASE let me know. I haven't found one since I moved here.

Next up to try: figs maybe? I've only ever experienced them in fig newton form, and had no idea what they looked like either until recently.


  1. Oh man. Dragon fruits are the most boring fruits ever, in my opinion. Only because they look like they'd be BURSTING with flavor. I mean, it's PINK! But alas, it's just like a lamer version of a kiwi hehe. Glad you tried it though!

    If you get a change to try a mangosteen (if you haven't yet) please do! It's sooooo good. And it looks nothing like a mango haha.

  2. I really dislike figs, honestly. The taste just is .. off for me.

  3. Figs are weird - the texture is all squish. But if you like fig newtons, you may like figs - just be warned, they aren't as sweet as you'd expect!

  4. Steph, I dunno how much garden space you and Michael have, but you could perhaps try growing spaghetti squash?